So, I’m starting to plan an adventure in Russia after I finish my masters at the end next year. Got a few ideas, including backpacking, climbing and riding horses, but am also strongly considering doing a walk across the width of Russia along the mountain ranges that skirt its southern frontier. I’m thinking of taking at least a year to do the walk, maybe longer. With this journey across the biggest country in the world – spanning 12 time zones – I hope to initiate a series of adventure walks matched with humanitarianism around the world.

I’m hoping to get sponsors to fund my trip and then figure out a way to raise money for charities, or an outreach organization that I start myself with friends and family (sounds better ;). So this is where my humanitarian mission comes in. I’d like to focus on educational resources and technologies, which has been an outreach interest of mine since I began going on community service trips to the rural Transkei when I was in high school. Such resources and technologies would include books, magazines, comics, newspapers, writing materials, cellphones, computers and the internet.

I want to get as many people on board with my project as possible! Please send me an email to if you are interested in contributing in any way to the project, and I’ll definitely get in touch with you to collaborate and share ideas.

I’m also beginning to scout for a project team of 2, perhaps 3, to do the adventure with. Potential team-members would need to have as many of the following skills and qualities as possible: photography, film, writing, able to speak Russian and English, experience hiking, climbing and camping in mountainous landscapes and covering large areas on foot, loves outdoor adventure, learning about and interacting with different cultures and humanitarian outreach work.

To the Mountains and Beyond…on the Razor’s Edge

Hi, I'm Matthew! I currently live in Santiago, Chile. I've hitchhiked and climbed peaks in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, India and Nepal, studied cultural anthropology in Cape Town, practiced as a Hindu monk, taught English to students from around the world, volunteered for education and sports NGOs and worked as a cross-cultural field instructor. Adventures at the World's Edge combines my passions for adventure, travel, humanitarianism, anthropology and writing. My projects focus on fundraising initiatives through community collaboration and adventure challenges. Writings on my shoestring travels and anthropological interests are also included as fuel for motivation for aspiring journeyers and curious wanderers on this globe. It is my sincere hope that I might be able to inspire others to follow the beat of their own hearts and have the courage to make a difference in the world. Adventure...Awareness...Aliveness

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