In this world we find ourselves

No one knowing for certain what we are doing here


The search for the big questions

The yearning for love

Looking for the mystic

Longing for bliss


Try to stay in both worlds if you can

Internal and external

Together they offer the fullness of life and the depth of experience


How do we do this many mirrored world?

So much we ‘have to do’ just to survive and play our part in ‘the way of things’


But here we cannot wander and lull into forgetfulness

Here is but a stage upon which we act out our being

Not a house we cannot leave

Or rules we must follow


Learning how to chart and travel life’s course alone

Unsure where the river leads

Sensing your place and time

Seeing the beauty of it all

Without fear



Anchored not to any one point

Deliberately determined each day

Every one a gift to be opened


Hi, I'm Matthew! I currently live in the southern most African metropolitan, the beautiful Cape Town, the mother city. I've hitchhiked and climbed peaks in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, India and Nepal, studied cultural anthropology in Cape Town, practiced as a Hindu monk, taught English to students from around the world, volunteered for education and sports NGOs and worked as a cross-cultural field instructor Adventures at the World's Edge combines my passions for adventure, travel, humanitarianism, anthropology and writing. My projects focus on fundraising initiatives through community collaboration and adventure challenges. Writings on my shoestring travels and anthropological interests are also included as fuel for motivation for aspiring journeyers and curious wanderers on this globe. It is my sincere hope that I might be able to inspire others to follow the beat of their own hearts and have the courage to make a difference in the world. Adventure...Awareness...Aliveness

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