DAVID vs. GOLIATH: Be In This World, Not Of This World.

In every human being an inner core of resilience, determination and faithful optimism vibrates and styles the shape of our experiences and realities.According thus to person-centered approaches in psychology theory, the human experience is moulded not by predetermined cognitive, biological or environmental influences alone, but is configured through the potentiality of the self to engage with and transcend the cripplings of circumstance in it’s pursuit of personal autonomy and actualization of creative power.Struggle is par for the course as far as life as a human on earth goes. 7.6 billion people experience everyday all range of difficulties and debilitations. Being born mentally ill or physically deformed and relegated as ‘disabled’. Scavenging for food and emptying latrines as untouchables in city slums. Losing loved ones in greedy, senseless wars. Bullied and banished from your homeland as a refugee. Going bankrupt and getting divorced on the same day. Losing touch with your siblings and feeling gaping holes in your history. Flopping a project and feeling like a failure. These, all different examples of the human struggle and the challenges we face.Yet we cannot know nor experience what another’s life is like; our realities are our personal experiences as we exist from our individual perceptive lenses. The journey of self development and actualization is seen and tracked through in as many forms as clouds in the sky.I’d like to believe that we are all Daniel in the struggle against Goliath…and in many ways I do. It comes down to our daily practice, where what we can do is radiate positivity and kindness, having an attitude of gratitude for the extremely rare opportunity to be alive at this moment in time and space. Image source: http://standbydaniel.com/13-daniel-smith-update-terrible-news-05-14-2016

Source: DAVID vs. GOLIATH: Be In This World, Not Of This World.


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