Inside of you I saw it there.
I knew it was there.

Complete. Whole. Beautiful.

But what I sensed overwhelmed me.
Like an Atlantic storm that lasts a century.

And I wasn’t sure if I should’ve been afraid or excited.

Inside of you I saw myself.
Believing. Doubting.
And all over again.

Inside of you I saw all that is.
The full imagination of experience.

I’ll take the first step into that first lightning bolt if you’ll go with me. What will it mean if I go alone?

I’ll the first leap into the mysterious unknown if you’ll go with me. What will it matter if I go alone?

But darling, I know that if you weren’t with me I’d still go.
Into the fire. Into the center. Into the core of it all.
Into that eternal furnace of all that is.

Not just going, but letting go.
For it is only by letting go that we can truly gain.

Wait! Why are we so important?
If we say we are, then we are not.
If we say we are not, then we are.

Because our being is beyond opposites.
Beyond anything to do with what we call time and space.

We are what we make ourselves to be.
It is thought that sparks expression.
And thought alone.

Inside of you I saw that thought.
That thought of being much more than I can think of.

Inside of you I saw that expression.
That expression of being much more than I can express.

And in the end, in myself…I saw the same.
The very same.

That reflection.

That divine reflection that revealed not a realization of limitation, but a realization of unlimitedness.

How can we see the brightness of light without seeing the blackness of darkness?

So nothing remains to fear.
Nothing remains to doubt.
For all we are has forever been.

I’ll take the first step.
The one you’ve already taken.

It’s not you. It’s not me.
It’s everything about to awaken

Effulgent Boddhisatva in a monastic cave outside of Amchi | Ladakh

Hi, I'm Matthew! I currently live in Santiago, Chile. I've hitchhiked and climbed peaks in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, India and Nepal, studied cultural anthropology in Cape Town, practiced as a Hindu monk, taught English to students from around the world, volunteered for education and sports NGOs and worked as a cross-cultural field instructor. Adventures at the World's Edge combines my passions for adventure, travel, humanitarianism, anthropology and writing. My projects focus on fundraising initiatives through community collaboration and adventure challenges. Writings on my shoestring travels and anthropological interests are also included as fuel for motivation for aspiring journeyers and curious wanderers on this globe. It is my sincere hope that I might be able to inspire others to follow the beat of their own hearts and have the courage to make a difference in the world. Adventure...Awareness...Aliveness

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