Improving the Sports Facilities at Ukhanyo Primary School


Masicorp has had a sports programme in place at Ukhanyo Primary School for many years. Physical education is a crucial part of every child’s learning experience and we recognise that involvement in sport develops skills such as discipline, commitment, punctuality and loyalty, as well the health benefits. Our assistance has part funded the salary of Nceba Jonas, the local community coach, provided training equipment and transport to inter-schools competitions on a regular basis. Each child now receives two physical education (PE) lessons each week.

fieldThere is one very serious obstacle preventing the further expansion of sporting activity at Ukhanyo – the physical space available for sports is small and of poor quality. We have therefore started an ambitious plan to improve the situation by refurbishing existing facilities and seeking funding to develop the unoccupied land within the school boundary that is currently used as a playing field. The land was…

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Netball Success in Masiphumelele


Like many sportsmen in Masiphumelele, Nceba Jonas first passion is football. One evening many years ago as he left football training in Fish Hoek he stopped to watch a game of Netball, and so began an interest in the game that has led to a recent sporting success story for the ladies he now trains. As Ukhanyo’s schools sports coach, Nceba trains girls and boys in basic physical fitness and organized sports.

Nceba and trophyOne of the first sights a visitor gets to see at Ukhnayo is Nceba and the staff putting the various year groups through their paces in the school’s sports area. Throughout the day he takes the children through a series of exercises with help from the Good Sports Trust and Masicorp who have provided funding for various essential fitness equipment. Masicorp also provides funding for transport to tournaments for the teams that Nceba organizes. It is vital to…

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Sports Volunteering at Ukhanyo Primary School in Masiphumelele

Check it out guys! In action at a Physical Education (PE) session with a lively group of grade 2 Ukhanyo Primary School students last Friday. I’ve started volunteering with MasiCorp at Ukhanyo, assisting head coach Nceba Jonas with PE classes.

IMG-20160819-WA0002 IMG-20160819-WA0003

Despite wonderful progress over the years, sports development at Ukhanyo remains a significant challenge, particularly in terms of spaces and staffing. Coach Nceba has been running PE classes for the entire student body (1 700) by himself, with little outside help. Most of the teachers are not trained to be coaches and lack knowledge and experience in sports. There is such incredible potential among the students, especially in netball, soccer and athletics, with the girls netball teams being hugely successful in the southern peninsula area. They’ve also won awards for their performances.


MasiCorp is continuing its excellent relationship with Ukhanyo and operating projects to upgrade sporting facilities and coaching resources (staffing and equipment) at the only primary school in Masiphumelele. Its community sport initiatives offer children the chance to stay fit and strong, play sports, have fun, learn discipline and teamwork and feel more confident and determined as human beings.

Check out this link for more about MasiCorp’s awesome sports development projects!

My goal is to contribute through volunteering and assisting with fundraising for MasiCorp’s sports projects with a climb to Mt. Mafadi (the highest peak in South Africa) in October this year and weekly social events, including beach cricket, hiking, talks, live music and documentary screenings in Muizenberg and the surrounding suburbs.


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Using Sport as a Vehicle for Education

Sporting Chance Development Foundation


The Sporting Chance Development Foundation (SCDF) inspires South African children to develop a lifelong passion for exercise and sport and to enjoy a healthy and positive lifestyle. The SCDF focuses on fostering the upliftment of children by teaching them to prioritise their education and to steer away from social ills.

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The centerpiece of this post is a selection of photographs from the Ukhahlamba Drakensberg in Kwa-Zulu Natal… an enigmatic yet stunning mountaineering playground cloaked in ancient geographical and cultural history. In between the stills I introduce a super exciting project that I’m keen to do.

I’m planning a hiking and climbing trip to the Dragons mountains in May this year. It is a place that I adventured in many times as a young boy and warmly remember for getting hopelessly lost on trails, curiosly exploring caves and lying rapt under the stars. This time, after more than ten years, there is a call within me to return for another journey into this range of jagged peaks of mystery capping mist-clouded valleys.

What I would like to do here is plan an adventure humanitarian trip. Here are the project’s goals:


  • Climb the highest peak in Southern Africa, alpine style and use this project focal point to;
  • Raise funds for sports equipment, books (English, Afrikaans, Zulu & Sotho), stationery, bags to donate to a few underprivileged rural and urban schools in South Africa.
  • Promote mountaineering and nature conservation (via the Mountaineering Club/Association of South Africa and national sponsors.
  • Produce a documentary and short book on the expedition

Drakensberg Dragon.jpg

The world is an immensely beautiful place. Nature is the primordial reality that has existed for time immemorial. For me it is the mountains where I most go to experience and be in that timelessness.

Sentinel peak 2.jpg

The aim to climb the highest peak in South Africa, Mafadi, soaring to 3,450m  above the Drakensberg escarpment and kissing the border with Lesotho.


I will be calling on my friends, family, friends of friends of friends (ad infinitum!), the general South African public, relevant organizations, government departments and businesses to contribute toward the project. Sharing a facebook post, donating books (old or new), giving funds, offering sponsorship, are all crucial to the success of this venture.

Maloti Drakensberg.jpg

I’ll be planning the project and gathering resources from Cape Town. Precisely which schools will benefit and exactly what form the benefits will take is open to discussion (books, sports equipment, teacher training workshops are some of my main ideas). If you have any advice or insight around what the project funds could go into in terms of improvements at local schools please get in touch! Input from all is most welcomed.

Mafadi Sunset.JPG

I’ve been teaching English for near five years and have come to really appreciate the great value in education and expanding consciousness. Sports and outdoor adventure are also key components of the educational experience of human beings and compliment mental stimulation and broadening of the mind.

Mafadi summit.jpg

Undoubtedly, education is in the eye of the beholder, and expresses itself in thousands of ways within different cultures across the globe…and has done so, for millennia. Reading the lay of the land as a blueprint of sacred geometry as a Kogi shaman or calibrating the material world in terms of scientific laws as a quantum physicist are equally valid ways of interpreting reality and creating meaning. It is the vast ocean of perspectives and knowledges that are open to be embraced, in a multiverse of understanding.

Mafadi awesome.JPG

In the West we acquire and have access to great reams of knowledge through books. Just today I picked up three at a second-hand shop in the Natal Midlands; ‘Lost Civilizations’, ‘Human Origins’ and ‘The Gaia Project’. Encoded in the language of each book is an opportunity to learn more and go deeper into the experience of being connected on this planet in this human form. The amount of information and knowledge available to us in the present age is unprecedented, and grows every second. A Google search on any topic yields hundreds of thousands if not millions of hits…just one topic.

Lesotho people 1.jpg

Books of course can only take one so far…but we should see them for what they are, portals to understanding and being. To inspire a thirst of learning is the ultimate goal of the teacher, far more than the transmission of information or the presaging of a particular pedagogy. Perhaps here lies the cornerstone of this project…to inspire thirst of learning and curiosity.

Iconic pic.jpg

Along the way I will doubtless learn about things I didn’t anticipate. The teacher is at once a student, a student a teacher, and experience indeed the best teacher.


Epic cloud spear.jpg


Column Valley.jpg

The detailed trip itinerary is still in process, details to follow soon. Please follow my blog, get involved, support and make a difference! If we combine our energies it’s all possible.

Peace, Love and Happiness.